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If you are interested in purchasing an industrial modem for your business, you have a few options. You can go with the eSAM, D80-3 series serial to IP modem, or OnCell G3110/G3150-HSPA. Among other features, these industrial modems have a variety of port types, including Ethernet, USB, and serial. You can also find power-over-Ethernet models. Check out industrial modem to learn more.


An eSAM industrial modem can help your organization manage data remotely with various functions. Its onboard software enables you to configure email and SMS notifications. This is also a great feature if you need to monitor the status of the modem remotely. Besides, you can even send commands to the modem through SMS.

The eSAM industrial modem comes with a SIM card slot. It can accept any standard SIM card. It is available in three different speeds: Cat 1 (10Mbps download speed), Cat 4 (150Mbps download speed), and Cat 6 (300Mbps download speed). It also includes features like GPS, rs232, and 100Mb ethernet.

D80-3 series serial to IP modem

The D80-3 series serial to IP industrial modemm is a rugged, IP-based device for M2M applications. It provides both RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces, and supports TCP/IP for internet connectivity. The device also includes a built-in SMS function for use with 3G and 4G networks.

The D80-3 series has a durable, metal casing that makes it easy to maintain and deploy. It has been widely used in various industries, including coal mine, oil field, and power SCADA. It is also used in a variety of applications in utilities and environmental protection.

OnCell G3110/G3150-HSPA

The OnCell G3110/G3160-HSPA industrial modem series allows users to transmit data and short messages over cellular networks. These industrial modems do not require extensive training and are suitable for a variety of field power sources.

The OnCell G3110/G3160-HSPA industrial modems have advanced features, including private IP management software that supports VPN and handling IP addresses in cellular networks. Moreover, these products come with built-in relay outputs for signalling priority events and alerting field engineers. Additionally, the G3110/G3150-HSP series features redundant power inputs.

OnCell IG56

The OnCell IG56 industrial modem is an ideal solution for applications that require fast data transmission. It features a high speed, low power consumption, and dual-band capability. These features make it ideal for regular ac or battery powered operation. This modem also features two optical isolated dry contact detection ports.

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